Cedar Restoration

Cedar Restoration

The Cederberg Conservancy are the proud custodians of the Clanwilliam cedar tree (Widdringtonia cedarbergensis). The endemic Clanwilliam cedar, which was formerly more numerous, is now threatened with survival due to several centuries of exploitative harvesting and frequent fires.

Large numbers of cedar trees were felled as the wood was in great demand for construction, some 7 200 trees were used as telephone poles between Piketberg and Calvinia.

In 1967 the removal of dead cedar trees was halted, and all other forms of exploitation ended in 1973 with the proclamation of Cederberg Wilderness.

A programme started in 1987 by CapeNature aimed to restore the status of the tree by planting out nursery-grown seedlings into its natural habitat in the Cederberg mountains. Since then many thousands of seedlings have been planted out in fire-protected, rocky sites.

Annual cedar-planting events during May and June are part of the ongoing attempts to secure the cedar's existence for future generations to enjoy.

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Cederberg Backpackers Oasis

Backpacker and Biker accommodation where you can eat, drink and sleep. Information on the area we share with hand drawn maps.


Nuwerust Rest Camp

An unforgettable experience for outdoor and nature lovers! Nuwerust Rest Camp is situated in the Breekkrans river valley, surrounded by majestic southern Cederberg mountains.



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Mountain Biking

All the public roads in the area can be used for mountain biking.


About Cederberg Conservancy

  • The Cederberg Conservancy was constituted in 1997 as a voluntary agreement between landowners to manage the environment in a sustainable manner. It consolidates 22 properties in the central Cederberg as one of the core corridors of the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor and it is active through quarterly meetings and awareness days.

    Visitors to the area can engage in bird watching or easy hikes to the Stadsaal cave and Elephant rock art. For the more adventurous visitor the Conservancy offers Mountain bike trails or overnight hiking trials that vary from one to five nights, depending on your level of fitness and ability.